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Common sexual problems

Sex is not only to reproduce, it is also fun, pleasure and the greatest stress reliever if it is practiced in a right sense. There is neither restriction nor a fixed protocol for doing it. But anything in excess is not good. Sex should be a desire and instinct but not an obsession. To enjoy sex life, our life should be heading in a right way. We should have a relaxed and happy mind to enjoy that part of life. We need to understand Brahmacharya in a broader sense deviating from its traditional meaning ‘abstinence’. Brahmacharya is travelling the journey of life in the pathway drawn by the creation, abiding to its principles. Having sex in right proportions and at the right time, with total surrender, involvement and happy mind is a part of Brahmacharya. This is a key to prevent many diseases like PE

Reasons for Common sexual problems according to Ayurveda
  • Old Age:

    The shukra dhatu in men diminishes as age advances. Quantity and quality of semen also decreases due to reduced shukra dhatu. In men, the production of male hormone testosterone starts declining after the age 35. Ayurveda recommends “Vajikarana Therapy” to slow down the aging process and boost the sexual health in men who are above 30 years.

  • Worry or anxiety and Grief:

    Worry or anxiety cause stress which in turn lead to release of stress hormone. Stress hormone affects the functioning of testosterone and influence sexual health. Yoga and pranayama are of great help to reduce stress and they also boost secretion of happy hormones which increase the effectiveness of testosterone

  • Diseases :

    Diabetes, Cardio-vascular problems, Bacterial and viral infections, sexually transmitted diseases, diseases of thyroid gland or pituitary gland all influence the sexual health. Immunity boosting herbs and healthy diet with good lifestyle help to keep diseases at bay.

  • Exertion:

    Excessive exercise or physical work lowers testosterone and can cause male sexual weakness. So exercise in moderation considering the strength of body.

  • Weakness:

    A person may become weak by malnutrition or chronic illness. The important nutrients like protein, minerals and vitamins will be very low in body when a person is weak. Eating balanced food and following dinacharya(daily regimen) and ritucharya (seasonal regimen) keeps the body strength up.

  • Fasting:

    Fasting intermittently always keep us healthy. But fasting for long intervals of time or following a crash diet for weight loss may drastically lower the level of nutrients in body affecting the sexual health.

  • Over indulgence in sexual act:

    Repeated use of an organ or tissue renders it useless. Overuse increases the stress on that organ or tissue and makes it incapable of carrying out its normal function. Thus repeated ejaculations due to over sexual act affects sexual health.

  • Strained relationship:

    Strained relationships increase depression and stress. These two psychological conditions affect the effectiveness of testosterone and its function.

Defining Sexual Problems:

Any difficulty you face during any stage of the sexual act (which includes desire, arousal, orgasm, and resolution) that prevents you or your partner from enjoying sexual activity constitutes a sexual problem. In addition, any question concerning sexuality that bothers your mind is also a sexual problem.

Given below are some of the most commonly encountered sexual problems. If you feel that your problem does not fit here, don’t worry. Seek help and getting all questions answered from a sexologist. That must be your first priority because once your problem is resolved your life would surely be better and free of anxiety.

  1. Lack of Information on Sexual Matters
  2. Painful Intercourse
  3. Lack of Desire for sex.
  4. Lack of or delayed Orgasm or Climax
  5. Premature Ejaculation
  6. Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction)
  7. Gender Issues
  8. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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