Post – Natal(After delivery) Counseling Program

In this part the mother is taught how  to take care of baby and herself after delivery.

The mother is advised to do-

1)Baby care

    i]Nursing of baby 

    ii]Suvarnaprashan sanskar

       Suvarnaprashan sanskar is one of the sanskar out of the sixteen sanskars described in Ayurveda. Making body healthy by developing immunity is one of the best concepts of Ayurveda. It gives after the birth of child to get the best mental and physical health. Suvarnaprashan builds best resistant power and prevents from infections. Suvarnaprashan makes your child physically strong. Suvarnaprashan contains herbs develop child‘s Grasping power, Sharpness and Recall memory. Suvarnaprashan is a best appetizer and have digestive properties also.

2)Sutika paricharya

        The woman is called as ‘ Sutika ‘ till one and half month of delivery. This is actually the time  to reverse the changes that have been taken place during pregnancy.The  body regain it’s original state in this period . But if there is any mistake ,the after effects remain for the next life . this includes

i] Abhyang  and Swedan-Oilation and sudation (Shek-shegadi)

      for both mother as well as baby.It relieves Vataprakop , Fatigue and strengthen the  Mansa  and  Asthi  Dhatu. 

ii] Dhupan  

     Taking fumes of specific herbal preprations  over  the vulval region  , which have Anti - microbial , anti-viral effects over the stitches of  episiotomy, the uterus and the lower part of body.

iii] Abdomenal belt (Pot-patta )

     Tight beltlike’ bandh’ to avoid vata from accumulating. This will also helps the abdominal muscles and uterus to go to normal state

iv] Ahar and Vihar

      In this condition the mother needs diet which fulfills the following:

     1.Garbhashaya-Shodhan-which helps for complet evacuation of uterus so that no product of conception remains behind.

     2. Brihan and Pachan –nutritious diet  which improves digestion and repairs damages also.

     3. Stanya- vriddhikar –improves lactation

Why Garbhasanskar?

        Garbh sanskar works on all the level of body, mind & soul.  It insures safe pregnancy & enjoying happy, healthy, confident motherhood.

        Garbh Sanskar is based on traditional practices and prepared after much research, with the hope that children born with good health, intelligence, love & culture will ensure a bright future for our nation as they are the real property of any family, society & country. It is the best investment of the world, which give infinite times returns in our life.

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