Diet & Lifestyle Management  

(All diseases can be cured by following dietetic rules carefully along with the proper herbal supplements; but if a patient does not attend to his diet, a hundred good medicines will not cure it.)

Let Your Food Be Your Medicine


Benfits of a Personalized Ayurvedic Diet:

  •  Better health, youthfulness and better memory.
  •  More energy, endurance and strength.
  • A gradual decrease in existing diseases.
  • Prevention of colds, flu's and other diseases.
  • Greater ability to handle stress and anxiety.
  • Saves your money in the long run.
  •  Improved sleep and concentration.
  • Better digestion, metabolism and elimination.
  • Healthier skin, complexion and slowed down aging.
  •  Increases intelligent.
  • Healthier progeny.
  • Stronger immune system.
  • Weight loss or gain and better sense control.

Principles for healthy eating:

  • Food should be hot, tasty and easy to digest. Eat proper amount of food.
  • Food eaten should not be too much or too little.
  • Do not eat when you are not hungry and conversely do not fail to eat when you are hungry.
  • Eat in congenial and pleasant surroundings with all accessories necessary for the enjoyment of food.
  • Eating should neither be rushed nor too leisurely.
  • Concentrate on your food while eating.

 Diet according to prakriti-                

        A vata individual should take warm and sweet food articles. A person with pitta prakriti should take cool, heavy, sweet, bitter and astringent food items. A person with kapha prakriti should take food, which is dry, warm, light, pungent, bitter and astringent.

These diet restrictions are to make
    1)  available most of the drug used get absorbed without interference of other food which destroy active ingredients of medicine.
    2)  to keep patient get not indulged in other desires which otherwise destroy the benifits of treatment started.
    3)  to get needed  active principals of other food materials which with its presence accelarate the action of medicine in vivo.    

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