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          The aahar-vihar which is beneficial and nutritional to the body and also give the happiness to the mind is known as Pathya and opposite to that is known as Apathya.


Pathya Ahara  (desirable & health promoting diets) and  Apathya Ahara  (health harming foods).


Pathya Vihara (healthy life style) and Apathya Vihara  (life styles which are not healthy) under different conditions and for different diseases.

Why Pathya-Apathya?

            The world today is eating a diet without having the slightest realization of the diet’s positive or negative effects on both an individual and on society as a whole. When we put on our clothes, most of us take the trouble of looking into the mirror and to speculate about how we look,But not many of us stop to think

for a minute or two before we push down the food into our mouths ? almost anything that a friend offers, everything that the idiot box (TV) says is worth trying and everything that a famous food-joint boasts about.

           With great regret we have to accept that we have blindly followed this modern day life style and consequently are now also following the modern day death style. Innumerable life threatening ailments like Cancer, Heart diseases, Diabetes, Hypertension and the many Auto Immune diseases that contribute towards human suffering and deaths which were not  very common previously, are now on the rise. Scientific evidence indicates that improper diet, the irrational intake of drugs, stress, alcoholism, smoking and the extremely sedentary life style etc., are responsible for this rise in the above diseases.

       Ayurveda states in detail, the specific diet and life styles to be followed during different seasons, under different climatic conditions, for different age groups, and people of different Prakriti of body and mind (mind- body constitution) and for different diseases etc.  The equilibrium between Man and Nature leads to perfect health. The five elements in nature ((ether, air, fire, water and earth) are present in every human being and govern every life on Earth. These five elements are in fact present in the naturally available food that we eat. Therefore any imbalance in the relation between man and nature is bought in equilibrium by the art of maintaining a proper diet.

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